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Sensitive Areas
Coastal Areas,
High Water Table
Simplify Construction and Reduce Costs
Rather than installing an inefficient sewer infrastructure that limits
where you can build, PSS technology is designed to give you the
freedom to develop the sites that work best for you – in the most
efficient manner possible. InviziQ puts you in control of your
sewering solution without the need to accommodate for expensive
and disruptive conventional gravity systems, complex vacuum
systems and unstable septic systems.
Unlimited Possibilities
The InviziQ Pressure Sewer System is a
smarter alternative to conventional gravity
sewage options. Rather than relying on
gravity and a network of costly lift stations
to transfer sewage, PSS utilizes reliable
grinding and pumping technology to
efficiently and responsibly move sewage to
treatment facilities – no matter the terrain,
slope, environmental sensitivity of the area
or complex topography of the region. At the
unit level, sewage is ground to a workable
slurry and efficiently discharged to the
sewer network using progressing cavity
pump technology. Throughout the process,
the sewage systems are monitored and
controlled to ensure complete efficiency,
reliability and performance – without any
extra involvement from the user.