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Thinking Outside
the Control Box
Meeting today’s industry standards and
designing for tomorrow’s demands,
InviziQ’s core PCB-based construction
offers adaptable software to program
upgrades, run diagnostics and self-
monitor for system protection. The control
platform expands the technology infrastructure to
support two-way telemetry for remote monitoring
and linking multiple InviziQ systems for centralized
network management.
Robust Pumping Unit,
Reliable Performance
InviziQ’s robust grinder pump offers zero planned
maintenance. The all stainless steel pump cartridge
provides reliable performance.
Emergency Storage
InviziQ has an emergency storage capacity of 570
litres (150 US gallons), providing the homeowner
24 hours peace-of-mind. This emergency buffer
protects against unforeseen emergencies, such as
power outages, treatment plant shutdowns and
network issues.