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Revolutionary DryWell Design
InviziQ offers Dry Well design, the first and only
PSS alternative delivering clean access to the
system motor and other working parts of the
unit. Our system ensures no confined spaces,
improving safety and simplifying maintenance.
Plus our safeguards and design greatly reduce
the possibility of people and pets falling into an
exposed unit, giving owners added peace-of-mind.
MonoSense Solid-State
Level Sensor
InviziQ’s leading edge, solid-state level sensor
provides more reliability than traditional,
mechanical float alternatives, which are subject to
failure due to exposure to raw sewage. MonoSense
has no moving parts and is designed to provide
trouble-free performance for the life of the unit.
Smart and Easy Installation
InviziQ is the first PSS system to offer plug and play
technology. Our system provides easier handling
as the lid does not have to be removed during the
installation process.
InviziQ Revolutionizes the
PSS Industry