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Installation and Maintenance Made Easy

Plumbing contractors finally have a PSS alternative that was engineered with their best interests in mind. InviziQ offers the PSS industry’s first and only Dry Well design – giving complete, safe and dry access to the working parts of the unit motor. It is easy to install, simple to maintain and built for long-lasting performance, reliability and durability.

Environmental Alternative

Eliminates Environmental Contamination. Pressure sewer networks are completely sealed and eliminate any possibility for leakage of contaminated liquid into the environment. InviziQ replaces other sewage options that “leak” into the environment by design.

Green & Efficient. Pressure sewer systems provide a smaller sewage “footprint.” PSS offers low impact construction techniques, less vegetation removal, more control over emergency discharge, reduced odor issues and is ideal for effluent re-use schemes.

Versatility. InviziQ enables sewer systems to be installed in virtually any terrain. It is an ideal alternative for areas with a high water table, coastal areas, rocky/hard terrain, undulated ground, level ground, acid sulfate soils, environmentally sensitive areas and communities with low population densities.

Performance, Durability & Reliability

Superior Design/Clean & Easy. InviziQ offers Dry Well design, the first and only PSS alternative delivering clean access to the system motor and other working parts of the unit. Our system ensures no confined spaces, improving safety and simplifying maintenance.

Solid-State Level Sensor. Our MonoSense solid-state level sensor is a leading edge design that provides more reliability than traditional, mechanical float alternatives, which are subject to failure due to exposure to raw sewage. MonoSense has no moving parts and is designed to provide trouble-free performance for the life of the unit.

Safety. Smart safeguards and design greatly reduce the possibility of personnel falling into an exposed unit, giving you added peace-of-mind.

Flexibility. InviziQ is available in a range of tank options to suit every requirement, single and dual pump. Our configurable network of units are designed to scale as necessary – one at a time.

Enhanced Pump Unit. InviziQ’s workhorse pumping unit is far lighter than competitive systems and the motor is not submersed as it sits in the dry well. Our robust grinder pump offers zero planned maintenance. The all stainless steel pump cartridge provides reliable performance.

Emergency Storage. InviziQ has an emergency storage capacity of 570 litres (150 US gallons), providing the homeowner 24 hours peace-of-mind. This emergency buffer protects against unforeseen emergencies, such as power outages, treatment plant shutdowns and network issues.


Enhanced Control Features. Meeting today’s industry standards and designing for tomorrow’s demands, InviziQ’s core PCB-based construction offers adaptable software to program upgrades, run diagnostics and self-monitors for system protection. The control platform expands the technology infrastructure to support two-way telemetry for remote monitoring and linking multiple InviziQ systems for centralized network management.

Flexibility. Our system allows for the possibility of hybrid PSS/gravity combinations. This enables sewering of previously cost prohibitive areas. This provides greater control over the location of pump stations. In addition, InviziQ “plays well with others” – offering seamless integration with existing networks, and it can be installed in conjunction with other brands without inhibiting overall performance (pressures, etc.).

Customization. Custom solutions are engineered for specific applications – InviziQ’s comes with a high-density polyethylene tank with various tank sizes available using standard pumps and controllers. There are also options for adjustable tank levels.

Intelligent Data. Complete control is available via the control monitor – this data is programmable, changeable and variable. Parameters can be changed to optimize performance in the network.

Easily Upgradable. The controller can easily be upgraded to a more cost effective, integral telemetry option.

Handheld Controllers. Convenient handheld controls are optional add-ons for service providers.


Quality Manufacturing Reduces Call-Backs. InviziQ is engineered to perform, with UL certified, powerful, best-in-class grinder pumps, premium “workhorse” stator technology that is built to last. Our units are delivered assembled and tested – ensuring unit integrity and reducing installation time and cost.

Less Equipment Needed. No lift truck is required for installation – and it’s truly a one man maintenance job. Although it is rare, we have designed for simple pump maintenance – socket tool, spanner and 6mm allen key, 316 SS “T” bolt.

Quicker Service Call Times/Simple Pump Access. Working components that may require access are located at the top of the unit in a dry well. No requirement to disturb ground around the tank to access bottom half of fastening arrangement. Fasteners are maintained in place (M.I.P.) in the lid so when the lid is removed from the tank the fasteners remain fixed to the lid. This results in zero loss of fasteners.

Ease of Installation. Place in the ground and turn it on. Minimal commissioning is required – no testing is required.

Cables and Electrical. All cables and wires are pre-wired, fully assembled and factory tested at NOV which is different from any other unit on the market. A uni seal also supplied for customer.

Standard Motor. A standard motor can be used, therefore there is shorter lead time, greater supply chain offering (more readily available pump) and a customer’s pump can be specified if required.

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